CORONA – Infrarot Thermometer – Hilfe für Hawassa

Heute haben wir die Anschaffung von Infrarot Thermometern, Schutzmasken und Handschuhe für 12 Gesundheitsstationen und unsere Partnerorganisation bewilligt. Das ist eine schnelle Entscheidung für den Standort Awassa. Jetzt müssen wir über SPENDEN einen Betrag von 2.535 € einwerben! Jeder CENT hilft. Das Bild zeigt das von uns verteilte Infrarot Thermometer im Einsatz - der Health Officer (links verdeckt) wollte nicht mit aufs Bild
Im Projektkonzept ist zu lesen (Englisch):

General Objective
The overall objective of the project is to support the effort of Hawassa City Administration to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic
Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the project are;
To help the institutions identify cases of Corona virus
To promote health of the community at large by helping victims of the virus treated and isolated
Project Description
Location: Hawassa City Community through the city administration
Target group:
• Direct beneficiaries: 48,000 people in the city
• Indirect Beneficiaries: 240,000 people
Allocated fund: The total financial input of the project is ETB 91,000.00 which will be covered by the donor, Edget Baandnet Children’s Center.
Major Activities:
• Purchase thermometer
• Purchase face masks and gloves

Distributing the thermometer, face masks and gloves: 6 for city administration offices that serve a large number of public and 6 for health centers in sub city level. In the near future (in progress): If the temperature is high and the symptoms are typical for COVID-19 the city administration is in process to start a test laboratory here in Hawassa and most probably will start next week and will refer to test laboratory and also they already prepare a quarantine (hospital)in Hawassa.