Building Schools

Building Schools


We are specialists in the inexpensive construction of classrooms, schools and sanitary facilities. Up to now, we have been successfully involved in ten schools.

We were able to improve the learning environment for more than 6,000 pupils through building new classrooms and sanitary facilities.

The preconditions are always that the school plays its part either through a financial contribution or proactive participation in the building work, and that the school administrators provide teachers and furniture for the school. Our principle is simple: no aid without involvement.

The construction of just one classroom enables 200-300 pupils to be taught in shifts. At present, Ethiopia lacks classrooms for around 2 million children.

After a carefully supervised tendering process, our local partner in Awasa supervises the construction work.

At a glance

  • Specialised in the most cost effective construction work in Ethiopia. Costs for 4 classrooms since 2018 at around 22,000 Euro, 40% less than previously.

  • Construction of classrooms or entire schools, WASH programs, sanitary facilities, water pumps and solar panels

  • 10 schools have been built for more than 6,000 pupils

  • Involvement of school administrators is a precondition

  • Teachers and school furniture provided by school administrators

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