Other Projects in Hawassa / Ethiopia & Eswatini

Building Schools


We are specialists in the inexpensive construction of classrooms, schools and sanitary facilities in ETHIOPIA. Up to now, we have been successfully involved in ten schools.

Our new focus since 2023 is on permaculture in ESWATINI.

Our principle is simple: no aid without own involvement. Our strength is COUNSELING in fundraising and organisational development.

2022: We support trainings for trainers of "FEMALE Beekeeping Projects" in ETHIOPIA and started 2023 a dicussion process about FGM in Ethiopia.

2022 & 2023: Tough monitoring of projects led to disqualification of a project in MALAWI& UGANDA

At a glance

  • Specialised in the most cost effective construction work in Ethiopia.

  • WASH programs, sanitary facilities, water pumps and solar panels

  • New ecologic projects in Kampala, Uganda (Urban Gardening) and ESWATINI (Permaculture)

  • Counseling for international NGO´s in organisational development and fundraising

  • Tough MONITORING led to pull out of MALAWI

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