In Ethiopia education for girls enjoys a high priority! But not all the problems can be quickly solved so that HELP is explicitly welcomed. POVERTY induces families to take girls in particular out of school so they can help in the household. Early marriage is another issue in rural areas.

A scholarship of just € 15 a month enables girls to carry on going to school and finish with a certificate that enables them to study or do vocational training.

The girls come from poor families; most of them live with their mother or an aunt. They are talented and have to get very good results at school every six months to remain in the scholarship program.

A social worker looks after them and stays in regular contact with the school, the family and the local authority. The girls use their monthly allowance to buy books, school material and hygiene products, and to pay the inexpensive school fees.

More than 30 girls and former pupils are now studying at various universities. They stay in the scholarship program until they have graduated and receive assistance in joining the world of work.

At a glance

  • Update 2021: From 01/2022 onwards EDGET supports 200 children & youth: 145 girls (students & pupils),
    25 Nurse/Health Officer/Midwife-trainees, 20 Shoe Shine Boys, 10 former vulnerable children, from our former Children Transitional Home
  • 2 social workers
  • € 20 monthly scholarship
  • A golden opportunity for girls - up to the time they start to work
  • Scholarship used for books, school material and school fees
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