Waisenhaus LLL
Gründung EBCC e.V Hambug

Gundi Brendes and her husband Jörn Bernhardt lived in Ethiopia from 2005 to 2008. Jörn worked as an advisor in a development aid project, Gundi contacted the Edget Baadnet Primary School in 2006, organised school meals for pupils in need and set up the orphanage LIVE, LOVE & LEARN for 16 orphans and half-orphans in 2007.

The charitable association Edget Baandnet Children Center was set up in Hamburg in 2007. Since 2008 there has been close cooperation with a local partner, Center of Concern (CoC), in Awassa. This is a key aspect of our philosophy.

Other aspects of our philosophy: 

  • Projects for children are our main concern
  • We want to remain manageable and transparent
  • We want to strengthen our partners in Ethiopia - help them to help themselves
  • We advise and initiate processes
  • Members of our association cover all administrative costs
  • All the work for our association is done voluntarily - with no expense allowances
  • We do not pay rent for our office