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Our partner

Center of Concern (CoC), our partner in Awasa, is the second-largest NGO in Ethiopia’s southern region and the “shooting star of the year” since 2013 as they are now entitled to operate nationwide. This recognition means a great deal in view of the conditions in Ethiopia.

Since our partner is well organised and has excellent connections, CoC repeatedly manages to persuade public authorities and local people in their kebeles (organised groups) to make personal contributions in the form of work or financial subsidies. This enables us to complete our construction projects at a lower cost than other organisations do.

CoC complements our projects through projects of its own. In collaboration with other international NGOs CoC launched a day-stay house for around 1,000 street kids, had science classrooms built, staged campaigns against female genital mutilation and managed a polio vaccination campaign, to just mention a selection of the projects.

Nowadays, EDGET only provides around 10% of CoC’s annual project funding; 90% come from other sources acquired by CoC. When our project work started in Awassa, the ratio was exactly the other way round! 

All the CoC staff – around 45 at present – are paid normal, local salaries, which is not the case with the major, well-known charity organisations. Our partner works on the basis of objective-performance agreements with personnel and encourages the further development of staff skills.

EDGET has been named by CoC as the contact for European institutions and can be contacted at any time.

Assefa Getaneh

Assefa Getaneh
Managing Director

  • Background: Lawyer, corporate counsel for Commercial Bank, Ethiopia
  • Managing and controlling CoC projects
  • Since 2008 cooperation with EDGET
  • Main contact person and supervision of EDGET projects
Meskerem Walelegn

Meskerem Walelegn
Personell management

  • Controlling
  • Personnel management
  • Management of EDGET projects

Mihret Bancha
Social worker

  • Taking care of the children in the LOVE, LIVE & LEARN house
  • Coordinating the house staff
  • Contact person for the children, families, schools and supervisory authorities
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring

Tsehay Erkibo Lire & Bethlehem Tadese Moges
Social workers

  • Taking care of the children in the scholarship program
  • Contact person for families, schools and public authorities
  • Contact person for the children
  • Administering the scholarships (payments to scholars)
  • Reporting & Monitoring