Next project visit

Next project visit will take place in January 2018. 5 persons assigned including Gundi Brendes & Joern Bernhardt from our Executive Board will be part of the group. More information in our next newsletter.
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130th Birthday for EDGET-Children

The 130th birthday celebrations on Sept. 30 (60 + 70 yrs) had a wonderful result of 3,330 € for the EDGET-kids in Awassa. This type of fundraising was actually a a charity event which was nicely organised and a colorful event.Thank you EDGET-Supporters!
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Weather delays start of classroom construction

Because of the current weather conditions the start of the classroom construction for Jataro Dag Karma First Cycle School, Danshe Kebele, Kokosa, Oromiya, will be postponed most probably to October. The roads are unpassable and muddy. 4 classrooms will cost around 32,000 €.
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