Our Contribution to Prevent CORONA

EDGET decided to assist the City of Hawassa against CORONA by upgrading the sanitation facilities in 2 of the poorest suburbs of the city. It is prevention: repairing water pipes, providing 2 new lines for water, renovation of public toilets, distributing soap and water jars. It is a drop in the ocean but the amount of 270,000 ETB is huge compared to the monthly income or the room rent of a poor mother (around 800 ETB)... according to the exchange rate it is "only" 7,100 €. Our partner implements the measure together with the community in due course. The picture shows Meron... nowadays Health Officer in this district, I visited her in March. She was a former streetchild, educated by our partner in our CTH (Children Transitional Home)... this is a success story!! Donations welcome.