3 Laptops For The Students In Our Scholarship Programme

We came across a great non-profit organisation called LABDOO today. LABDOO collects and refurbishes used laptops and gives them to charity organisations around the world. We've applied for 3 laptops today for students in our scholarship programme - and received the confirmation already! We will give the laptops to our students on our next project…
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Next project visit

Preparations for our next project visit in May are in full swing! We will have a busy schedule, visiting all our current projects and developing new projects - including apprenticeships for our students, a potential "women cab drivers project" and more.  
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Melkam Gena! Merry Christmas!

TODAY is the day of the the christian-orthodox Christmas celebrations in Ethiopia! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Melkam Gena! :-) We spoke to some of the children in our LLL Children Home yesterday, everyone is looking forward to the festivities! We're looking forward to being there this time NEXT year to celebrate with them!  
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